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December 10, 2013

GHOUTA, Damascus Province – The long road is riddled with obstacles and mines. Only luck determines whether a person crosses it safely. This dark road is lit only by faith and the shattered remains of dreams.

For three days, news about the road dwarfed everything else. The road opened its arms, and the bodies of the young men fighting to keep it open lined up like a bridge, one martyr after another, so that the living could make it to the other side.

For thr...

Damascus- up until now the destiny and whereabouts of the young Dr. Ahmad Saleem AlBiqaei, aka Ahmad the Free, are still unknown since the day he was abducted on November 4th, 2013 in one the liberated areas in Eastern Ghouta.

Ahmad was of the pioneering doctors to join the revolution, he put all of his efforts, energy and capabilities to serve it. He established the "Save a Soul" medical team which operates in several villages in the area.

The incident caus...

November 19, 2013

Ghouta, Damascus Province – I was destined to experience the siege with a friend of mine who spent many years in prison. Hardly an event goes by without her comparing the siege to prison, saying that the two experiences are greatly similar in more ways than one.

In both instances, you are confined to a specific and small area. It is all about the same faces and the same stories. One has to learn to suppress their desires, even the most basic ones. Much like...

November 5, 2013

The Syrian regime makes it difficult for relief organizations to deliver aid to those who need it most

In Syria, when a regime official calls the local Red Crescent chapter and asks for food rations, local aid workers can not deny this request even if it is taken from the people’s share. They have no choice but to yield to orders under the threat of a “security report” that would cost them their freedom and perhaps even their lives.

The names of all aid bene...

October 14, 2013

Why does the West insist on dealing with our dead and injured as if they were less valuable than a Westerner – and as if our casualties don’t even deserve respect or compassion?

After the chemical massacre in Syria’s two Ghoutas, we believed that the world would, at last, take our interests into account in one way or another. We did not believe that, upon seeing hundreds of dead children, the international community would act only in favour of its narrow in...

October 14, 2013

Despite the obstacles to accessing information on military support for Syrian rebels, what has emerged so far is enough to determine that the international community and some Arab states are seeking to weaken the Free Syrian Army and its various brigades, which are moved by a purely national project, in favor of al-Qaeda supporters or other less fanatic movements, which nonetheless have the same general thinking and are bound by policies drawn by non-Syria...

September 23, 2013

For most Syrians, the coming of winter and Scud missiles crossing the skies from one city to another enlist the same horror, as houses exposed to daily shelling no longer have any windows. And, whatever glass was not shattered by shrapnel has been removed by its owners to avoid further destruction.

Electricity is a bygone commodity as it has been cut off in rebel-held areas for more than a year. Few people can afford the cost of fuel and if the previous win...

September 16, 2013

Escaping hell: Lt. Col. Abu al-Mawt's detention center

Out of all the stories and horrors documented within the course of my legal work, “Escape from hell” – with its five heroes and the monster figure of Lt. Col. Abu al-Mawt (literally, the father of death), who supervised the torture and execution of fellow detainees – is one I replay every day.

The five escapees delivered testimonies while we were preparing a report on what happened at the documentation c...

There is no area in Syria, liberated, besieged or conflict areas with the regime’s forces, that does not need aids in all means and aspects.  My words are not, in any way, aiming to distract the very little attention given to some liberated areas in Syria but I wish that they will bring more attention to the area of Eastern Ghouta before it is too late.

We all know the deficiency of resources which go to the local committees everywhere, which resulted in so...

Looking For Beloved Ones Among Faces in Mass Carnages
Bodies were lined up next to each other in the long dark allies!
Damascus/ Ghouta 

Trying to slowly recall the details of that day, I should blast crying and yelling as supposed to by a “normal” person. I am terrified by the numbness I’m feeling in my chest and the fog surrounding the flash of images in my mind. This is not the required reaction after spending this entire busy day tripping with bodies li...

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